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¿Qué pasaría si Macri fuese presidente este 2015?

Concept Art: Neo Paris 2084 - Digital, Concept art, Sci-fi, VideogamesCoolvibe – Digital Art Concept Art by Gary.

A Mess

This hyper-detailed cityscape is the work of Imperial Boy, a massively talented illustrator. It comes in four flavours - dawn, day, dusk and night - so if you’re really fancy.




Jonas De Ro is a super talented digital illustrator and concept artist working in the movie and entertainment industry.

Writing about the world to come is a scary proposition, because nothing becomes obsolete faster than futuristic visions. Especially if you're writing about a decade or two from now, your story risks looking ridiculous within a few years. So here are 10 tips to keep your near-future setting from looking too dated.

10 Ways To Create A Near-Future World That Won't Look Too Dated

Star Wars 1313 (Cancelado) parte del reciente Arte Conceptual sacado a la Luz.

Bruno Werneck's concept art for Star Wars 1313 Cyberpunk Atmosphere, Neo-Noir, Futuristic City