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Walt Disney’s evolving animation styles

Never say Walt Disney Studios is not amazing. So many aspects that have improved film making for the past 75 years were created there. And read the little mini things by each movie on the timeline ❤️

13 Majors In The Emperors New College :):

Probably a repost, but still makes me laugh :)

13 Majors In The Emperor’s New College I actually died laughing Lolol love the history major one ^_^

This is the most amazing thing in the history of Disney stuff

Uh-Oh Jack's gonna kill you! ~Jelsa ~Hiccup ~How to Train Your Dragon ~Frozen ~Disney crossover

The many ages of Disney. However, I do think that for the "Revival" it should be 2009-Present, because it's still going.

Who the fuck would put a dark age on disney? And how could they put such good movies into this alleged dark age?

This is the best argument in the history of Tumblr because both sides were actually right. *lol* // #disney #tangled

Funny pictures about Lady Rapunzel or lady Lettuce. Oh, and cool pics about Lady Rapunzel or lady Lettuce. Also, Lady Rapunzel or lady Lettuce.

The person who made this is history's greatest monster.

31 People Who Did Things So Mean You'll Never Trust Again

The end is terrible but I thought this was neat. This is disney families with children

Walt Disney. Awesome but there's grammar mistakes in this... I don't know why but I want to fix it.

The Amazing Life of Walt Disney

The Amazing Life of Walt Disney’, the infographic shows an overview of Disney’s life—from the time he started Walt Disney Studios with his brother Roy, to the creation of the iconic ‘Mickey Mouse’, right to his untimely death in

101 Dalmations, my favorite thing about this movie is the relationships between the human and canine family members.

Alright men, be strong // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

*half crying half laughing*

*half crying half laughing*

Disney Movies, teaching us untold history.

That moment when your teacher says "the missing nose of the sphinx is a mystery" and you know exactly what happened (Aladdin)

this is SO COOL and I never would have even thought about this before!!!!

The Milt Kahl Head Swaggle (This was my child hood I still find my self doing this in normal conversation.