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Paris based model Claire Guena captured by photographer Karina Twiss  for Madame Magazin Germany August 2016

Paris based model Claire Guena captured by photographer Karina Twiss for Madame Magazin Germany August 2016

Pan's Labyrinth is a fantastic film for high school students and university students alike. I have taught it many times and the students love it This document contains: * 7 multiple choice questions and answers * 4 short answer questions with answers * 9 discussion questions (based upon quotations from the director and the film itself). There is also a comparison question to The Cave Allegory in Plato's Republic. $

Film: War: Pan's Labyrinth quiz and discussion questions

Als je van je huis je thuis wilt maken, is het belangrijk dat je interieur bij jouw persoonlijke smaak past. Je wilt je tenslotte veilig, fijn en relaxed voelen als je thuis bent. Het kan soms erg lastig zijn om van je huis echt je eigen, fijne plekje te maken. Daarom hebben wij 5 tips opgesteld, zodat het toch iets gemakkelijker is om van je huis je thuis te maken. 1. Ga niet teveel mee met trends Als het om je interieur gaat, probeer dan niet teveel mee te lopen met de trends. Uiteraard is…

5 tips om je interieur meer eigen te maken

I've always been a huge fan of pink and green together, and the current trend towards more somber, desaturated colors has put a fresh new spin on this classic combo

SICKY — DIANA for sickymag.com Photography Guillermo...

maggieontherocks: “ by Guillermo Cassar and styled by Aldair Teuffer and Jocelyn Corona for ”

"Please don't touch me, Earth. I'll wreck you." - BINARY STAR, Sarah Gerard

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Falstaff is the moon that eclipses Hal's sun? Eclipse (by Simon Christen)In alignment with the Sun and the Moon. Annular eclipse 2012 shot from Mt. Shasta in California.

Frida Kahlo age 18 in 1926. Photo by Guillermo Kahlo

vintage everyday: Rare and Beautiful Portraits of Young Frida Kahlo by Her Father Guillermo Kahlo, 18 yrs.

Mexico wedding with a fun mariachi band

A Mid Winter Night’s Dream Wedding in Mexico: Mia + Guillermo


I do not think I'm easy to define. I have a wandering mind. And I need someone who won't give up, just because I'm complicated.

Spiderwebs are excellent subjects, especially just after the rain. When using your macro, tilt your camera around and see if you can get a pleasing background. Just because it's not in focus, doesn't mean it doesn't add to your photo! Try it in black and white, and in color for very different results.

I hate spiders, but I love the beautiful spider webs in the rain that shimmer like strands of diamonds.