Is this Iorek Byrnison ? - the polar bear from His Dark Materials novel.

earth-song: Polar Bear by ~augustinesoong .he looks so happy in that cool pool!


Polar Bears: Ursus maritimus is BIG. Each paw can measure 12 inches across.The majority of polar bears in the world live within Canada’s borders.


"Photographer Lassi Rautiainen captured the profound partnership between a she-wolf and a brown bear in the wilds of northern Finland. For days, he witnessed the strange pair meet every evening to share food after a hard day of hunting.

Polar Bear -

A portrait of a polar bear in Churchill, Canada. A bored polar bear. A two seconds from eating the photographer polar bear.

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Polar bear swim ✿⊱╮

Polar bear swim ✿⊱╮why are fuzzy bottoms so darn cute? Even under water!

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What do polar bears eat? In this article we are going to focus on the types of food that polar bears eat in the wild as well as in captivity.