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Luke's story Luke looks like he's south of byron bay, Nsw, Australia. At least thats my guess.

im in love with an idiot <<< I know how you feel

luke hemmings everyone<< I'm just ganna show someone this when they ask "who is Luke hemmings and why do u love him so much?"<<<<Luke is me. I am Luke.

Luke Hemmings, Penguin, Fails, Amanda, Style, Club, Sexy, Babe, Beauty

Have a nice weekend my dudes #5sos #lukehemmings

Have a nice weekend my dudes #5sos #lukehemmings

Luke kcas

The guy behind Luke and cal is all like "oh mer gawd Luke Hemmings" They did so well and slime looks good on them

Luke stop it right now honey pie

Basically preferences that are described with pictures