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My wish & prayer for you is that you Believe in angels & know in your heart that you are never alone as God's angels are always watching over you, keeping you safe from harm & guiding your steps to joy.

In this confusing world, believing in something so beautiful brings a sense of peace an beauty to your heart and soul.

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An Angel Whisper♥ My three favorite angels Mom, dad and brother chip

Because we need to believe they never really leave us.

Butterflies hover and feathers appear, whenever lost loved ones or Angels are…

Caminha meu amor... Com o teu amor nos pés Com o nosso amor no peito Um anjo o guiará ao encontro de mim... Eu espero!

I feel secure knowing that my ( Mythological ) angels are near by. They protect us and guide us on the path of light to holiness. Thank you sweet angels of ( the christian ) god

We all have a guardian angel

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Het aanroepen van Engelen

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