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oh this looks like my baby girl, Peaches. Her little fangs were soooo cute!

「フェレット イラスト」の画像検索結果

「フェレット イラスト」の画像検索結果

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Ferrets are active, cute and intelligent creatures. These animals are real firecrackers, constantly dashing around, exploring things, finding new games to entertain themselves with and constantly getting into trouble the way a naughty child would.

Ferret poses

I call "The Speed Bump" "Ninja Carpet Shark" because Sally is white and a carpet shark, and because the tile is white. It's almost like there's no ferret there!

Vivid Ferret by Ursula Vernon

Obviously a mammalian relative of the Vivid Frog and Vivid Mudskipper, the Vivid Ferret! (Interestingly, I think this is one of the only ferrets I'.

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Another boredom-induced laundromat doodle. It occurs to me, whenever I am halfway through drawing a weasel, that I need to s. A Smaller Weasel