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After she is exiled by Odin to the more desolate stretches of Vanaheim, Sigyn's clothing choices once again become practical and simple.

zhang jingchu Mom says: One day I'm planning on going (even farther) north! This would be a great outfit, and femine!

While Vikings seems to waiver a lot on historical accuracy and did deliver a worrying boobplate at one stage, they do seem exceptionally adept at creating this kind of badass attire for shieldmaidens. - wincenworks

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Vikings Porunn Season 3 Official Picture for fans of Vikings (TV Series) images.

Tony Thornburg

“Soooo I learned about model Tony Thornburg, today. ♪ Cuz he is Er-ros and he's Ah-pol-lo.

Mongolian princess

HSDS Mainland Fighting against The Mongolian Warrior Princess - A Daily Journal by Yanie

дээл sleeve detail and skirt

Copyright 2006 Naryn Igilik - Turk Mongol The Huns: The Khuraldai/Intergatheration of Eurasian nomads


Tiny braids more your style? This baby cornrow 'do is subtle yet super edgy way to spice up any look.