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Limited Edition - "Try Doing Whatever Christian Said" 11oz Mug

Limited Edition - "Try Doing Whatever Christian Said" 11oz Mug

Custom to each student

Good Ways To Deal With Stress

A big part of what we do with children is teach them safe and appropriate ways to cope and express themselves. This can help provide concrete examples during times when it is difficult to "find" a coping skill.

Thank you for sending me this. Ahahaha... you are the cutest! You make me happy... when skies are gray... haha. True?

Candy Shop, sweets, jelly beans, confectionary and online gifts. happy pills for a sweeter world.

It's Accrual World - Accountant's Mug

An ideal gift for an accountant, these novelty mugs feature funny quotes relating to the profession. Each accountant mug has a quality ceramic design.

<p+style='margin-bottom:0px;'>Say+something+special+without+saying+anything+at+all.+This+cheeky+mug+speaks+volumes+and+makes+a+perfect+morning+coffee+companion.<p+style='margin-bottom:0px;'> <li+style='margin-bottom:0px;'>3.88''+H+x+3.25''+diameter<li+style='margin-bottom:0px;'>Stoneware<li+style='margin-bottom:0px;'>Microwave+and+dishwasher+safe<li+style='margin-bottom:0px;'>Imported<br+/>

This cheeky mug speaks volumes and makes a perfect morning coffee companion.

*snort*  I hope I can remember this line when the appropriate situation arises.

Watkins - just thought this one was funny! Bitch please! I'd have to drop 10 IQ points, sleep with 100 more men, and look like a cracked out clown whore, to be like you.

being an hr professional would be a bit nicer if we didn't have to deal with so many h's.

As HR professionals, we all know the dreaded feeling employees get when coming to your office, deserved or not. Hopefully some Human Resources humor will make your job just a little more enjoyable!

♥I say turn on the TV♥

30 Hilarious Minions Jokes

Jajjajja honestly I tired, suppose I will work tomorrow but say no I wanna sleep all day, sometimes I need do that

Start creating a Girl Boss worthy space with these 30 chic office decor essentials. Girl, you've got this!

Rock Your Girl Boss Office Space With These Chic Must-Haves

Start creating a Girl Boss worthy space with these 30 chic office decor essentials.

Minion Quotes

I quit smoking 1 & years ago and I’ve gained all I had lost and then some and well, which is the greater evil b/c gaining weight comes with a load of health problems smoking didnt🤨

painting quotes, awesome, best, sayings, feeling

Hand painted Quote Canvas You give me that bottom of the ninth, last at bat, tied game, grand slam, full of butterflies kind of feeling.

people always talk to me and want eye contact when im knitting or crocheting.

Don't talk, I'm Counting Button

Don't talk, I'm Counting Button - this would actually be perfect for those more intense patterns

Keep Calm And Let The Travel Agent Handle It – mug-empire

Teaching assistant mugs make great gifts. Ideal for tea, coffee, storage or display, these novelty mugs for teaching assistants feature funny quotes.

Are you an exhausted Vet Tech? Show that you work hard with this cool shirt!

Exhausted Vet Tech

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