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I rescued a golden retriever this past summer who was just hanging out in the wilds of Atlanta.

The wonderful story of Bran. Made me tear up! Such a handsome dog and a beautiful story that makes me happy that there are good people in this world.

Sorry but even though this is not the sexiest pool to own it's definitely the happiest.

Funny pictures about Doggy Pool Party. Oh, and cool pics about Doggy Pool Party. Also, Doggy Pool Party photos.

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Golden Retriever - Noble Loyal Companions

Golden Retriever puppy Soooooooo cute I know this sounds really wrong but I want to eat that puppy up he is so cute Mais

Smile! Dogs love watermelon. :D #happy

What is refreshing, sweet, PINK and it is always in my fridge? WATERMELON!

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Two Dogs: "Sorry!  We're NOT moving: The weather forecaster said there is a severe blizzard heading this way!"

This is our bed-fort! Jamie, this is how adorable we look when we sleep in our forts

Dutchess the Blind Golden Retriever Sees Nothing But Love

Golden Retriever - Noble Loyal Companions

Too adorable!

My two pet dog, Fozzie (golden) and Pepe (Jack)… They do this often. Golden Retriever giving Jack Russell a massage My two dog, Fozzie (golden) and Pepe (Jack).