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Saeyoung (Luciel/Seven/707/Defender of Justice) x Mc

mysticplush: “ask-team-rfa: “Seven would like to give a ‘SevPlush’ to all those who feel lonely and need someone to hug! Sevplushies are very soft and huggable and smell like honey buddha.

Mystic Messenger #Otome #Game #Anime. Susanghan Messenger

This game destroyed my life! But at the same time it brought me so much happiness. and heartache. but mostly heartache

Someone hug V and tell him this too. That is literally his problem for the majority of all the routes including his own. He needs love and support, help the angel sunchild

Let me take some of the weight off your shoulders. Let me help. I wish I can hug u T^T

Bless this beautiful wonderful sweet absolutely ADORKABLE boy! Luciel, Seven  Mystic Messenger.

And then you realise that he doesn't exist so you can immediately die cause you know that in the real world is this really impossible.(nameless potato-what this person said is true Ô-Ô)