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bitch i might be, gucci mane, shakespeare

Who would have ever thought that Gucci Mane Would Inspire a meme? The very best of the 'Bitch, I might be!' memes are show in this funny Smosh gallery.

Sherlock Valentines

(john watson valentine masterpost here) (mycroft valentine masterpost here) (greg lestrade valentine masterpost here) (moriarty valentine masterpost here)

My favorite scene

Pride and Prejudice, I will never admit how many times I've seen this movie. right on Cochran-Smith Wehrli I LOVE the part where they touch hands for the first time too, awesome picture.

Keep calm and love Mr. Darcy

This is my MCM! Darcy from “Pride and Prejudice”. I picked a fictional character this week, but this is why. He is so eloquent in his manners, he does not speak well to others, he is one heck of a writer, and he is a handsome fictional character.