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Ohh this armor ia real nice for Lara

Irina Dzhul - "Come away, oh, human child"

C'est la sincérité qui rend tous nos actes beau et honorable.

She was a whirling cloud of death, a queen of shadows, and these men were already carrion.

Spring Callaughn] "I'll go alone if I am the only one who will go at all.

She is fierce, brave and strong

Artemis - Goddess of the hunt, forests and hills, the moon, and archery

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fellandfaironline: “ “Perilous indeed… Fair and perilous; but only evil need fear it, or those who bring evil with them" ~Tolkien Shield-maiden, princess and fair lady are often not that far removed.

Dame Sylris Valen riding her white steed, Asfaloth, in the Highlands.

This describes another hobby of Beowulf's when he has the shields and sword for when he fights.

by Eve Ventrue

"the lady Stark has returned home"

solidsender: The Lady Stark has returned homein honor of Sansa Stark Week

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Eira - Bora or Alva

Character Portraits

Great drawing of Ciri, cool armor. Love this character. She's more badass than Geralt even before she becomes a witcher. (art by Klaus Wittmann)

Sword and armor on woman

Love the use of dragonscales chainmail, this would be so cool for Halloween I think, maybe like a Viking warrior or a Valkyrie?

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Journal self portrait -fighting spirit represented through posture and props -headless or not

aesthetic: general | fashion: armor | hair: color | hair: style

stormbornvalkyrie: Vikings details {x}


Ellen Hollman as Saxa - Spartacus

character inspiration

Leila Nda by Fabrizio Ferre Vogue Italia September 2015

The aesthetics that please me from this image are all about the art of the image. Because I'm an animator I care about these things. All the things like the composition, lighting and even the colour palette all stand out to me and make me feel enticed by the image.

Through the ancient valley by Jorge Jacinto (Blinck