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Sachin Teng

Sachin Teng combina lo actual con lo retro

.@MizGrafx Sit Haiiro(SIT)... | Kai Fine Art - B&W art - my first love

black-art: “ yagazieemezi: “ These images by Amsterdam-based artist Sit Haiiro have me in a trance.

Sachin Teng Illustration | EDITORIAL

As part of Sachin Teng's 30 day challenge, this was produced for "Your Favorite Season". Although it looks a bit messy from afar, the texture and style of his work is always quite nice and at a constant quality.

sachinteng: “ Dragon Age Knight Errant for Dark Horse Comics Lots of Symbolism here, but I don’t want to give anything away.


sachinteng: “sachinteng: “ ‘Ophiuchus’ for Gallery Nucleus’ 'Yesterday’s Tomorrow’ The new zodiac symbol, constellation Ophiuchus, the man wrestling with the serpent. It’s a metaphor for our constant.

Sachin Teng Illustration | Blank

David Mitchell’s “The Bone Clocks.” Mitchell has written a theological novel of sorts, in which human beings are mere pawns to be used by his feuding immortals.

The Real Cure for Aids by Daniel Engber http://on.tnr.com/1421flv Illustration by Sachin Teng

'The Real Cure For AIDS' for The New RepublicFor an article about curing AIDS, arguing that the cure might not necessarily be the ‘what’ but ‘when’. The cure is in the time. Check out the article here Shoutouts to AD Erick Fletes!