Фигурки: Волки Одина

"Ulve af Odin" (Волки Одина) scale scale) By Sergey Popovichenko. Figures sculpted by Y.

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So, Crystal Brush Awards has finished and now we know the winners in every category. Let's look at the works we've found the most remarkable.

Miniatures painted by Sergey Popovichenko

Polish Knight сoat of arms Rogala, by SergeyPopovichenko · Putty&Paint


Warhammer Models, Viking Art, Celtic Designs, Goth, Dioramas, Vikings, Saga, Fantasy Art, Figurine

Spartan hoplite leader

Spartan hoplite wearing a heroic cuirass and corinthian helmet, armed with a hoplon shield and a xiphos sword.

Step by Step Painting of a 54mm Saxon Warrior | figurementors

m Half Orc Fighter med Armor Shield Axe Step by Step Painting of a Saxon Warrior