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You're Gonna Need Some "Harry Potter" Knowledge To Get These Jokes

Share if McGonagall is your Patronus. Sorry but mine is Martin Freeman. My Patronus is a hedgehog !

Mom was spacing out and thought I said that "Indians stole our tent"

I can see this joke applying to classic Holmes and Watson as well as BBC Sherlock and John.

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Some fun stuff for you :)

Haha, that's too fun

Omg this is an actual thing. cx<< yes, but it won't let you in because there's too many people logged in xD Oml^

Pretty much every time I watch supernatural

Sherlock, doctor who, and supernatural although there are so many spn gifs who the hell even knows where the fandom finds them

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This motivation.

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I LOVE THIS. Harry as an auror was one of the most head-scratching choices about the highly problematic ending.

I gotta side with the head canon on this one, if only for the fighting the same war thing

Haha, McGonagall being her awesome self! #PDsFavourites #McGonagall #Snape

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