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viria: considering how much I actually love drawing Piper and Reyna I draw them ridiculously rare. So I wanted to fix that…queens

this is waaaaaay better than the professional art

viria: I got bored and….this happened. Am I even allowed to do such things? Obviously drawn from the official Leo art because I actually kind of like the pose in there. as long as I avoid thinking someone is giving him a blowjob geez

SO CUTE!! They probably were going to hug but then saw all of the seven smiling and waiting and tried to play it off and act all formal.

I ship Rico. Is there an official name for this ship? Someone please educate me on this if like to know. Also, SOLANAGELO FOR LIFE.

HA LOL<<< YEAH REYNA SLAP DA OCTAVIAN I hope that is Octavian and I'm not crazy/bad fandom member aaaaaa

This is perfect also fun fact Reyna is queen in Spanish only it is writen with an i

This might as well happen

Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, Praetor of the Twelfth Legion<<< Are you saying your initials are RA-RA?<<< THIS, my dear people, is what Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano truly looks like.

by aegisdea:  Venting out on Reyna seemed perfect. Aand of course, it was the last ask I received, lol.

Heroes of Olympus! She's awesome! Possibly one of the bravest demigods ever! Tragic life story though. read blood of olympus for more info.

Piper McLean-Rick Riordan/ art by Viria

viria: Heroes of Olympus trio for Rick Riordan’s website! I loved drawing Leo so much I think he’s probably one of the most well-turned portraits:”)


Sad AU Comic where Reyna dies protecting Nico. Unfortunately, she couldn't meet Bianca in the Underworld, since Bianca already chose to be reborn by this point.

Leo and Esperanza- the feeeelllllsss!!!!!!

What on earth made me think drawing Leo with his mom was a good idea? Now I will just go sob in a corner because LEO FEELS Either me and my friend Sonya were stroke with Leo-Esperanza feels at the same time and I am the first one to finish.