Great Halloween picture - pumpkin patch under a stormy autumn the pumpkin orange against the blue-grey!


My Grandma Ruby (born used to sing me this song. The poem is credited to George Cooper. I haven't heard the tune in ages, but I was thrilled to find a copy of the words online.

Stargazers may have noticed that the moon appears larger in the sky lately, and today it will officially become what is known as the harvest moon.

Pumpkin Patch

"Pumpkin Crossing" Horizons by Phil Koch Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Take amazing pictures.

House Decorated for Fall home flowers autumn fall porch pumpkin wreath entryway fall decorating outdoor fall decorating

If only I had a front porch.

Never thought to use (battery operated) candles on my porch with my fall decor- looks lovely! perfect for a halloween party

Fall is our favourite time of the year! We post some warm and cozy pictures of all things fall and halloween!

Rustic Christmas tree                                                       …

Country western lodge Christmas tree with bear. I have this tree and love it. So much fun to dress the bear up every year to match what I do with the tree. I'll post mine soon

..7sept14 -Perfect Christmas tree with a roaring fire

We love this Christmas living room country style! Beautiful fireplace, Christmas tree, and armchairs. Perfect home to spend Christmas in.

halloween decoration22

22 Ideas para decorar tu casa este Halloween sin gastar mucho

Take something that is normally beautiful and turn it into an eerie, creepy centerpiece for Halloween. Simple DIY that makes great decor!