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It's funny because Dave and Sollux would fight ALL THE TIME, Nepeta is a cat and Jade is a dog so that wouldn't work, Rose and Terezi canonically hate each other and Karkat and John have a complicated-at-best friendship.

"Tags: Anime, Demon, Homestuck, Karkat Vantas, John Egbert, Kiss On The Lips, Andy-shunsho" I think you look slightly more like a troll.

I am usually far more RoseMary minded . but there is so much adorable JohnKat on my feed today, all of the awesome :D<--- lol dude JohnKat is always on my mind :D I see a couple and be like "what if that was John and Karkat!

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Rose looks so happy for them. Karkat is wondering why Rose is wearing a cone shaped hat and waving around flags

Did anyone else look at the book Rose is reading? 0-0 XD

THAT BOOK THOUGH. ~JBJW<<< I have the same one! Wow Rose I guess great minds think alike! << my mom read this over my shoulder and is just staring at me like I somehow did this to her

Dorks omg

Ikkimaru draws these dorks so well. I love davekat.>>>this is a minor ship of mine, but I love this artwork man, ikimaru is amazing