Zen garden, boulders, waterfall, pond, deck, meditation space

55 Visually striking pond design ideas for your backyard! (image via Marpa Design Studio)

California native backyard, including small edible grapes climbing up the arbor.

Grow a Natural Backyard

A meandering path bordered by fragrant 'Bee's Bliss' salvia, wild lilacs, and an existing non-native purple tree mallow ― all pretty, low-water plants.

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Asian Water Garden: This garden takes advantage of the natural landscape of Yachats, Oregon, combining it with the simplicity and tranquility of Asian garden design to create a living courtyard surrounded by the residence.

Você sabe o que é a topiaria? Saiba mais aqui no blog da Giuliana Flores e confira tudo sobre esta técnica de jardinagem!

These are the most beautiful animals in the world and putting them in the garden is the awesomest thing to do I love elephants. If you have time and money go for it is all i say Garden Animals is such a good Idea. What one do you like the best from the 4

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This has all the features - Outdoor living space, koi pond, backyard waterfall, patio deck. Now lets stuff it with beautiful plants!


galvanized large container, probably something from farm supply for water element, without digging down. Our Garden: MOSAIC GARDENS: Landscape - Garden Design and Construction in Eugene, Oregon

Secret garden pool

Natural Thermal Pools, Hidden Valley Springs, Alaminos, Laguna, Philippines ~Pools of Desire~

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A little dramatic, but would be neat to have something like this to carry water to our larger pond.

Dolores Cavanah left Hawaii and moved to Montesano, Washington, where gardening is "more interesting, more fun, more challenging."

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Cavanah garden with waterfall, pond, and duck. This is someones yard too.

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backyard oasis with pond and waterfalls, gardening, outdoor living, ponds water features, A close up view of careful rock placement creating a natural looking waterfall

How to Set Up a Backyard Waterfall. Gorgeous.  For steep / sloping hills

How Do I Set Up a Backyard Waterfall?

Many people enjoy natural settings, such as a forest or stream, and try to replicate that with landscaping projects in their yards. Many people plant trees, flowers and gardens,.

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Animate your Landscape with Waterfalls, Koi Ponds, Aquatic Gardens

Spectacular water features provide the biggest wow factor your yard can have. Large koi ponds, beautiful waterfalls and aquatic gardens provide sounds and