Mystical handle to cross the threshold. (Apparently in real life it opens the door to a bathroom!)

Mythical griffin door handle which leads to the bathroom at a military museum.

Door knockers unique 59

90+ Best of Door Knockers Unique

Door knockers unique 59

Art Nouveau door handle Hotel Hannon, Brussels | JV

Art Nouveau Door Handle at Hôtel Hannon, Brussels, Belgium - design by Jules Brunfaut (Belgian, - Photo by Steve Silverman

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Vintage door knockers and door knobs

Owl & Medusa Door Knocker/Door Ornament in Rome Italy.

Lion Man & Tongue Door Handle

Humorous old door handle Vecchia maniglia. Portone museo Mercantile di Bolzano (this may be the creepiest, of things I find creepy board)

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Rusty door handle on old building in Cloverland, Washington -- door pull lock plate patina misc

Old Door Handle, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic  --  door pull  misc  carved door

Old Door Handle, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic

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