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My hair and hers is the same color naturally. Cooler dark roots that lighten and get warmer as it grows. If I ever stop coloring mine maybe it could look like this! Ill set that as a hair goal.

Minimal makeup look. Black eyeliner on top of eye and brown on bottom lash line

Kim Kardashian looks dazzling with the voluminous curls. Part your hair from the center and enjoy the hug of the curls. The highlights on the fringe make the look stunningly beautiful. Discover more: Kim Kardashian hair blonde, style.

Auburn hair

The many hair colors of Drew Barrymore! We love this rich, copper toned mahogany on her - it's the perfect fit.

Όλες οι αποχρώσεις στα Κόκκινα Μαλλιά! | Woman Oclock

Wanna Have Red Hair Color? Try with these Celebrity Hairstyles Photo Gallery - Natural Hair Styles

Fall is the season of change, and that applies to your hair style and color too. ​We believe that you can find a hairstyle which suits your face type. Our editors and experts share the biggest trends seen on the runways and which colors and tools work best for autumn.

25+ Best Hair Trends for Fall 2016

Jessica Alba / There's absolutely nothing wrong with a one-length cut—especially if your hair is thick and healthy. Snipping into the ends just so will prevent the style from looking drab.