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Así de fácil AAO <3

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You know you're on the right track when you lose the interest to look back

Quienlodira Creaciones

A quote from Miguel de Cervantes who was a famous novelist about love, which was one of the things he was known for

Importante diferencia

"Hay una gran diferencia entre y saber que ya fue suficiente" [Trans: There's a big difference between giving in and knowing when you've had enough"] Love this!

Necesito un cafecito y un beso largo!

Well I don't know what language that is, but I know a "LARGE COFEE" when I see one . Necesito un café y un beso largo!

Deberías estar aquí donde te quiero, y no allá donde te extraño. -S-

Revista Literaria La Noche de las Letras added a new photo — with Mary Hernandez and 40 others.

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the scariest moment is always when you are about to start -Stephen King