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Its been awhile! My macbook went a little poopy and I wasn't able to work on the picture for a while but now its finally finished! My Little Pony: Shining Armor and Princess Cadance


I said I was going to do a Celestia fan art on my, previously, done Luna fan art and after TAKING MY SWEET TIME, I've finally done it! My Little Celestia

Cadencia princesa  mi pequeño Pony es Magic Art Print Poster

Princess Cadence - My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Art Print Poster

I imagine Belli was quite closed off (well, more so) before Star came along. Being the only one that's different can be tough, even if everyone likes you the way you are

This is cute even though I don't ship Flutter and Discord or Rarity and Spike. TBH I'm only pinning for character design and art style.--> I think this is a good post because it shows the difference between them but they accept that and love it