Planète bleue de moins en moins verte

Tearing down the green to pray for more green. Summing up the human spirit. Do you have ornamental or edible landscape?

20 years want to feel good about myself. feeling healthy and wealthy

Tooth Decay May Prohibit Growth in Children. Tooth decay may be even worse than originally thought. A new study suggests that tooth decay may push back growth in children.

20 σκίτσα που αποκαλύπτουν την θλιβερή πραγματικότητα του σύγχρονου κόσμου

What are some pictures (without text) with deep meaning(s)?

#dúvida #orgulho

This was really funny, but guys this is how the relationships all work.


"Here's a bumper sticker I'd like to see. We are proud parents of a child who has resisted his teachers' attempts to break his spirit and bend him to the will of his corporate masters.

Moroccan-Inspired Latticework - Glitter, Inc.

Moroccan-Inspired Latticework

The ornamental framework featured in this old spread in Elle Decor is stunning, from the cut-out detail along the walls, french doors, and even the window frames. The Moroccan inspiration is so unique and the latticework adds so much light …

beesandbombs:  twisting circle

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Naruto Through Time....

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I recently found a book so overwhelming, so life changing, and so loaded with full-color pictures that I'll have to devote three posts to it.