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Subrosian Alphabet by Sarinilli on DeviantArt

The Subrosian Alphabet is based off of something I saw in the official art for Oracle of Ages/Seasons. Again, I should have put this up here AGES ago.

The Zentlardy alphabet appeared in the 1980s cartoon series Robotech, which was based on the Japanese cartoon Macross. The writing system was used in the cartoon on the side of alien space ships, and in the now-defunct roleplaying games Robotech and Macross II. The origins of the Zentlardy alphabet are unknown, though Kevin Siembieda of Palladium Books was probably involved. The name of the alphabet has a number of spellings: Zentlardy, Zentraedi or T'sentradi. (...)

Zentlardy is a fictional alphabet that appears in the Japanese cartoon Macross.

The Alpha Omega Code by ProjectWarSword

This is an alphabet I'm very proud of. A year ago, I made the Alpha Omega Code for a new language that humanity might one day read, write, and spea. The Alpha Omega Code

Seduced by the New...: World of Wakanda: Alphabet

Seduced by the New...: World of Wakanda: Alphabet

Throne Alphabet Runes by ProjectWarSword on deviantART

Runes I redesigned from a another alphabet I created. These ones are updated and I've been testing and writing them. It's been a while since I made an fictional alphabet.

Bildergebnis für Wraith schrift

Bildergebnis für Wraith schrift

egyptian alphabet from 16th ken

'Egyptian' alphabet from Johann Theodor and Johann Israel de Bry's 1596 'Alphabeta et Characteres.