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battle of kircholm polish winged hussars 2011 by mariusz kozik Spectrum The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art

Knights Charging into Battle by Peter Jackson

Knights Charging into Battle

Batalla de Ilipa, primavera del 206 aC entre los ejércitos romano y cartaginés

Batalla de Ilipa, primavera del 206 aC entre los ejércitos romano y cartaginés

Picts raid Hadrian's Wall, Northern British frontier - 2nd half of 4th century CE. Note that apart from the helmet (which had completely changed from the classical ones), no armour was being worn. Tunics had designs. Full length trousers and boots were worn. Shields became round / oval. All this was due to heavy barbaric influence coming from Germanic tribes by now included rank and file in the Roman Army.

Picts/Caledonians attacking Romans of the Late Roman period near Hadrian's wall…

Clarion Ultimatum by Michael Komarck

Michael Komarck

Michael komarck - "Clarion Ultimatum" TCG Magic card for Wizards of the Coast

a Knight fighting a barbarian - Google Search

Second Barons' War and Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester

ottoman-janissaries (yeniçeri) - Dark history of Ottoman Empire   (Osmanlı imparatorluğu  ) : One of the most notorious features of early Ottoman rule was the devsirme (“collection”), a tribute of young boys from the empire’s Christian subjects. Most of the boys were enrolled in the Janissary Corps, the army of slave-soldiers who were at the forefront of the Ottoman conquests.

For almost 400 years, the Ottoman Empire dominated Southeastern Europe, Turkey, and the Middle East. Founded by daring Turkic horsemen, the empire soon los