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Noooooooo! Just stop. I'm so pissed off. THERE WON'T BE ANY YURI X JJ. THAT's FUCKIN IMPOSSIBLE. THAT'S FREAKIN INSANE. OMG. Can't handle so many anger. Ugh.

We are just going to imagine that is oatabek not JJ<<<wait people ship Yurio and JJ over Yurio and Otabek? He hates JJ and he actually likes Otabek, that's literally the only person he likes at all other than his Grandfather

I respect his choice in music. Brendon Urie's a god.

Ra ra Rasputin // y'all shoulda left his spotify playlist alone ~~ yuri! on ice

I live for everything about this especially their shirts

red-gynoid: “Yknow that stage of laziness that you dont even feel like using your hands for somethin? Yea,,, ” <== y'all need to look at Viktor's shirt

Get it in there Victor !!!!!

On pic or link The owner pic said : I'm so happy with this work and proud of my *pervert* self ~~ i was able to do exactly what i want to see✧* I HOPE I CAN INSPIRE FELLOW Victuri fan artist and authors who makes fanfics for t.

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I love yuri on ice

Read hora de reir from the story Imagenes Y Memes de Yuri! on ice by hiddentheshadows (The Dark) with reads.


Go get Yuri Minami😜😜😜😜😘😘😘😘😘

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Victor is scary ;v;

Omg Victor just turned into Cara from Undertale😂😂


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