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I have no idea what they're saying, but I love it<< Same

No so suer what they are staying but can anyone translate this plz?


Pruhun<<I don't what it says but the art is really good.

"Hetalia RAINBOW-ism Doujin"     OMFG. Yes. This is the best ever. So cute. All UsUk fans must read this, like forreal. ; v ;

"Hetalia RAINBOW-ism Doujin" Yes. All UsUk fans must read this

I want to see you..

Different Shapes of Love - Beautiful. For me, this fandom has its crazy fun, but also it's insights and moments of quiet appreciation and love.<--I've never heard of this fandom. Must be one of the smaller fandoms.

I don't like patata by ROSEL-D on deviantART XDDD This is so AWESOME. HILARIOUS ---> OMG. I love this ~ Patata, that amazing!!

Hetalia (ヘタリア) - The Italy brothers - North & South Italy - lol, North Italy's so scary (^_^;)<--------- so north Italy has finally shown his true colors it was a matter pic time lol 😈


Found on

Prussia, making girls feel better about themselves. I love you Prussia

Character I want to hug most and tell them it'll be okay: Russia :c <--- America, showing his dedication :)

Russia<<Gotta go cry now, bye

Prussia and Hungary: Always together

Prussia and Hungary: Always together<<<< I love platonic Hungary and Prussia but then romantic Hungary and Austria

I see this as a brother relationship

I see this as a brother relationship <<<<<< I hard core ship them

omg this is amazing XD- I really don't ship this but I still see this happening lol

How to ack like a true england by arthur kirkland

APH PruHun - Surprise by kikyoyami8 on DeviantArt

APH PruHun - Surprise by on DeviantArt Awe so cute

By Jikayahato Built a bridge over my river of tears

By Jikayahato Built a bridge over my river of tears (I love this comic thing it is like a better version of the war honestly too)

Reaching out by iAlly.deviantart.com on @deviantART - Oh shit. I just realized, I'm freaking Russia. Damn....

I just realized, I'm freaking Russia.

I CANT<---- YO TAMBIÉN XD NO PUEDO. If Arthur wants to make Alfred follow in his footsteps in becoming a pirate, two can play at that game....... --Picks up cellphone-- Lovi~ I have a new task for us to do~

Sorry about the curses but its just too funny not to pin xD

Dat ass by Hubedihubbe

I know, over using the Macarena. … I like the Macarena…

Omg>>This is the real Italy right here no one can be more kawaii and awesome than him.

Germanys face at the end