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O porque de não possuir uma vida social..

kamerim: “ceejles: “A Cinderella Story AU (I rushed cuz I’m takin too long with it o(~~~< it’s that Hilary Duff movie, yep, not exact tho, but UEGH) ” Kyaaaa ♥ ” My heaaaaaart- Send help its too cute.

Amigos não namorados ass:mariah

Cuz my heart is so mean for making me feel things… plus all the lousy hurried lines and uneven experimental coloring ; what is wrong with me these days P The Ladybugs and The Bees by BullySquadess P Rainy Days by.

Peach Tickle Whats

and I suffered about the difference between Oikawa and Adrien hair (cuz it’s so the same!) it led us into making volleyball AUs > w < I chose Chat’s hair today, bc I LOVE BOTH OF HIS HAIIRR BTW! Here’s Meru’s Marinette, the.

If Chloe found out Adrien was Chat Noir~ (Miraculous Ladybug, lol)

If Chloe found out Adrien was Chat Noir~ (Miraculous Ladybug, lol)<<<< noooooooo this is the one part on Adrien's life that he can get peace from you Chloe go awayyy