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Minimal logo // Cycling Association Logo, designed using tessellated bicycle icon

I think that this is so creative. It's so simple yet i'd never think to connect the spoon with the letters in the word eat.

Eat Innovations logo \ 50 examples of logo design that cleverly use negative space in typography

Logo design for Saul Oros Music.

Logo design for Saul Oros Music. - minimal-origin

I like the simplicity, and the merging of two shapes. I would want my initial included within somewhere. You find customized icons like this by MediaTic Building by abeldb from the Noun Project

Logo for SENTE™ environmental martial arts training.

One line bent at four angles and a single dot, and you now have a landscape including three mountains and the sun/moon.

Might make this into something, not sure what.

NY Monogram

NY Monogram by Nick Slater Tags logo design NY New York apple big apple USA NYC inspiration inspiring logo lettering branding visual identity brand logotype symbol sign mark logomark

logo for horse stables & dog training center

Logo by Todytod - new graphic mark for stables / dogs training center. In this version I combined horse and dog in one symbol (dog in negative space)