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De ’Cowboys’ a Cruzados: voluntarios occidentales combaten al “Estado Islámico”

In response to CAIR’s ‘MY JIHAD’ advertising campaign, BNI readers thought it only fair that we start our own ‘MY CRUSADE’ campaign. So please add your Crusader ideas …

Knights Templar art, the Knights templars foughts islam.

Crusades Were Necessary to combat islam: The Real Story by RC whenever some righteous atheist fool is bemoaning the effects of religion on the world, they fall back on "The Crusades" as their showcase example

Scriptures and Seminary. #Mormonad #LDS #Mormon

Uncover Buried Treasure Worldly things can pile up fast. Put scripture study on the top of your stack of things to do. (see Matthew - Mormonads, Jan 2004

Family and Family History.  #Mormonad #LDS #Mormon

Be a Strong Link. President Gordon B. Hinckley counsels, “Do not become a weak link in the chain of your generations.” Your faithfulness to the gospel will strengthen your family. (See Ensign, Nov.

LDS.org - New Era Article - Mormonads by Topic, Idleness–Journal Writing

Both classic and contemporary Mormonads encourage the youth to reach their full potential.