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Find out what your "spirit animal" is through this quiz.

What Is Your Spirit Animal?

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What's Your Guardian Animal? Wolf The wolf is a born hunter, following you, never letting you leave their sight. You've gained this gift from conquering something difficult.

What's Your Guardian Animal?

What's Your Guardian Animal? Eagle The eagle is a natural scavenger watching you closely, you've gained this gift from helping an innocent being through tough times.

what are you really? i got dragon, "you have a loyal personality, like a giant puppy. you're dangerous, yet intelligent." hhmmm... take the quiz!

What Are You? Really?

You have a loyal personality, like a giant puppy! You're made of multiple elements. Anger to describe your fire, and water to describe your sadness What Are You?

What Wizard/Witch Are You?

What Wizard/Witch Are You?

Find out what kind of wizard/witch you are! I'm the water wizard/witch


Flight of the Phoenix. From Greek mythology, a Phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Phoenix is a symbol of new life by arising from the ashes of its old life.

Türk Mitolojisi Hüma Kuşu

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80%, but human emotion gets in the way

How Much Wolf Is In Your Blood?

I'm wolf, GRRR! That was for fun, I love wolfs so I act like one at home or school or any other place.


What Is Your Soul Element?

Oh, so perfect as my fire elementals are vampires as this eye reflects ~;

"Dust To Dust" by Red-Izak @ deviantart

"Dust To Dust" by Red-Izak @ deviantart