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Cavities are common. Learn more about the types of material dentists use to fill these cavities -- Amalgram and Composite fillings.

Root Canals 101

Root Canals 101 - #Infographics #health #wellness

Fundamentals and New Concepts in Impression Taking By Gary Alex Dentaltown Magazine February 2015 http://www.dentaltown.com/Dentaltown/Article.aspx?i=384&aid=5242. Dr. Gary Alex graduated from Tufts University Dental School in 1981 and completes numerous hours of continuing education with an emphasis on occlusion, adhesion, comprehensive dentistry, materials and aesthetics. An international researcher and lecturer #GaryAlex #Dentist #DentaltownMagazine #DentaltownWebsite

Gary Alex discusses various impression materials and how to improve the impression-taking process.

The Anatomy of a Dental Abscess. Dentaltown has the following online courses in Endodontics (with more to come). Root Canal Anatomy Dictates Treatment Objectives by Dr. Scott Weed (Nigel Tufnel). This course can be found here..... http://www.dentaltown.com/Dentaltown/OnlineCE.aspx?action=DETAILS&cid=386.

The Anatomy of a Dental Abscess. This is what happens when you let a cavity go…