Naruhina - Birth Of Baby Bolt by on @DeviantArt

Esses bebês com seu bebê é muito bonito 😭😭. Birth Of Baby Bolt by bluedragonfan.

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In a world where Sasuke is best man and not some fujoshi fetish hahaha.

Omgoshomgoshomygosh xD Im sorry if im spamming sasuhina stuff in everyones face but this is fine art right here by pamianime. Look at sasuke in the background like "why!?!?" - Yuri Uchiha by Pamianime on deviantART

I am NOT a sasuhina fan but look at the cute widdo Hyuga/Uchiha baby xp

Naruhina: My Wife by on @DeviantArt

Source: いちか ‏ Translation is by KanjiTomo, and Danbooru Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto

Naruhina: Wake Up Kiss Pg2 by bluedragonfan on Deviantart

linknic: “Source: NARUTOlog by HAL Translation: occasionallyisaystuff Typesetting: Me ”

What is going on ? I want to know !

Omg this is too cuteXD I really hope studio Pierrot gives us warm family time like this from time to time XD