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I ❤ embroidery . [Recommended] most full embroidery stitches video tutorial. Ooh, hoping all these links work, because I've been dying to get into embroidery. LOVE that all these stitch tuts are in same place with handy reference images!

I ❤ embroidery . . . Fishbone Stitch Video Tutorial~ The fishbone stitch is an easy hand embroidery stitch that works great for creating filled leaves and petal shapes. You can use the stitch for other applications, too, but the fishbone stitch is most often seen as a filling for leaves. This is because it creates a satin-stitch-like filling, with a natural spine down the center. The thread used for that leaf is cotton floche, a wonderfully soft hand embroidery thread.

Fishbone Stitch Video Tutorial

The Raised Fishbone Stitch used in Hand Embroidery. For more information on the raised fishbone stitch and other hand embroidery stitches, visit Needle 'n Th.