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Best friend tattoo Tattoos / Sister Tattoo idea for my infinity tattoo but love not sisters, think I found the one (: (:

@Kyleigh Hudspeth @Megan Stocker @Lacy Logsdon  -- have "let it be" instead of those words?

Orlebar Orlebar Hudspeth Ward Ward Stocker Beckstrom Beckstrom Logsdon -- have "let it be" instead of those words?

Tattoo idea for sisters

Here are some matching tattoo ideas for sisters. Do you love your sister? Are you both fond of tattoos?

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I think out of all the memorial tatts I have found, this saying stands out the most to me."If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever." If I were ever to get a tattoo, this quote would be it, with the initials M.

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Do you and your best friend need help on deciding which tattoo to get for each other to represent your friendship? We have 80 best friend tattoos ideas to help you!