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TitlePortrait of a Lady (oil on panel)creatorEnglish SchoolNationalityEnglishLocationPrivate Collection

Title Portrait of a Lady (oil on panel) creator English School Nationality English Location Private Collection

File:Attributed to Sir William Segar Portrait of a Lady.jpg

Attributed to Sir William Segar ~ Portrait of a Lady ~ ~ A portrait painter and officer of arms to the court of Elizabeth I of England; he became Garter King of Arms under James I.

Tudor Lady (Mary Queen of Scots?) 16th Century

Mary I - (February 1516 - November Daughter of Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, Mary attempted to restore Roman Catholicism in England during her reign. The execution of Protestants as heretics earned her the sobriquet "Bloody Mary.

1590ca. Mary (Kytson), Lady Darcy of Chiche later Lady Rivers, daughter of Elizabeth Cornwallis (Tate Britain)

1590 Mary Kytson, Lady Darcy Chiche later Lady Rivers daughter of Elizabeth Cornwallis by British school (Tate Gallery - London UK)

www.medici.so [Medici code] (Cosimo di Giovanni de 'Medici, moglie di)Eleonora di Garcia di Toledo, Alessandro Allori,1571

Medici-Daughter of Don Garzia di Toledo of Spain, brought up in the Medici household in Florence, then married to Pietro Medici. Murdered by her husband for infidelity.

Elizabeth I during the late 1590s

Queen Elizabeth I., circa late Possibly one of the portraits done for distribution, with Her Majesty's approval. So popular and in demand were her portraits, Elizabeth permitted mass production of her image, for the people.

Reinette: English Portraits from 1540-1630: Elizabeth Buxton,1588-90

Elizabeth of Elizabeth Buxton (nee Kemp) (oil on canvas), Peake, Robert (attr. to) / © Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery / The Bridgeman Art Library oil on canvas Medium: Date: cms Interesting apron over the front of the gown.

Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia (1566–1633) by Alonso Sanchez Coello (Spanish painter, c 1531-1588

Alonso Sanchez Coello (Spanish painter, c. Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia Daughter of Philip II of Spain, with her monkey,

Late Elizabethan Period-The wife of Nicolas de Hillincx, by Frans Pourbus the Younger, circa 1592.

The wife of Nicolas de Hillincx, by Frans Pourbus the Younger, circa 1592 (Late Elizabethan Period)

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Attributed to Cornelis Ketel- Portrait of Elizabeth Smythe (b. daughter of Thomas "Customer" Smythe, 1579 (mis-dated