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Long eared Owl chick ~ These are wild long eared owls. not captive! I heard a young owl calling & went to investigate. Two chicks were sitting in the open at the edge of a hedgerow, allowing some very close up images.


This white animal called an white owl it is nocternial. They eat rabbits, mice, and rats.people hunt owls for sport, but are not allowed to kill them any more. These animals live in the colder climates of the savannah

White Tawny owl (strix aluco) in the Harz Region Germany.

Cárabo común - White Tawny owl (strix aluco) in the Harz Region Germany

civettina spiritosa

The tawny frogmouth owl (Podargus strigoides) is found throughout Australia, including Tasmania. The nocturnal bird is known to have a soft, deep call that sounds like ;