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Tim Walker's shocked mermaid

Kristen McMenamy-Tim Walker-for-W-magazine


The Fantasy of Fashion

W Magazine Tim Walker Mermaid

Kristen McMenamy as a Mermaid in 'Far Far From Land' by Tim Walker for W Magazine, December 2013.

Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker for W Magazine

Far Far From Land - Kristen McMenamy photographed by Tim Walker, styled by Jacob K; W Magazine December

CLM - Set Design - Simon Costin - Far, Far From Land

Legends hold that the Grey King of the Iron Islands wed a mermaid & became king of the western isles & all the sea beyond. For a thousand years they reigned & plotted war against the Storm God. (© Tim Walker photography for W Magazine, December

Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker

Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker for W Magazine December 2013

Far, Far From Land, W Magazine December 2013 Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker Fashion Editor: Jacob K Hair: Julien d’Ys Make-up: Stephane Marais

Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker for W Magazine 2013

Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker for W Magazine 2013

Siren rising from the water..."What Happened to Frederick" episode

Once Upon a Time Siren


Photographer: Danil Golovkin Stylist: Kseniya Berezovskaya Model: Nastya Zhidkova - настя жидкова Makeup: Larisa Khatmullina Hair: Ekaterina Arkhipova almost colorless

thegoblinmarketofficial: “ Mermaid body by Joel Harlow Designs (Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides) Website: www.joelharlowdesigns.com ”

cristation:Mermaid film prop, sculpted by Hiroshi Katagiri.

Mermaid - Peter Pan movie// this is an example of the few times when mermaids have been represented as very ugly and frightening creatures instead of being a symbol of beauty. Their skin looks cold and rough.

I love this, mermaids from Peter Pan film they made real floating tails and everything.

Underwater Slumber Editorials : how to spend it may 2014

Underwater Slumber Editorials

vmagazine: “ ‘Dream Weavers’ - Model: Franziska Klein - Photographer: Zena Holloway - Fashion Editor: Damian Foxe - How to Spend It May 2014 - of ” visit the magic forest.

Lady Grey by Tim Walker, Vogue Italia Mar 2010  TEMPTING TEAL | ZsaZsa Bellagio - Like No Other

TEMPTING TEAL August 18, 2015

Hat - Lady Grey by Tim Walker, Vogue Italia Mar 2010


Tim Walker-Far Far From Land - If you cannot make the prince fall so much in love with you that his every thought concerns only you, then, the first morning after he has married another, your heart will break and you will become foam on the ocean.

Ben Whishaw and a mairmaid? Why not?!!

Tim Walker, The Muse - British photographer


darkbeautymag: “ Photographer/Stylist/Makeup: Katelizabeth Photography Headpiece: Hysteria Machine Arms: Lovechild Boudoir Scarf: MetamorphDK Tail: Merbella Studios Inc. Model: Meet a Mermaid ”

Tim Walker Gucci Another Man Katy England Tarot 2017

THE HIGH PRIESTESS: Tim Walker shoots the 22 characters in tarot’s Major Arcana in 'We Wake Eternally' for Another Man magazine. Stylist Katy England used pieces from the Gucci fall/winter 2017 collection for the shoot