He literally named his own son Jonathan and his adopted son Jonathan

(Sebastian mentioned in Lost Souls that Valentine wanted to call her Seraphina after his mother)

City of Glass. ~ This is my favorite part!!!! I love it soo much. :)) ♥

I LOVE Magnus Bane. I must have put the book down and laughed for far longer than I should have at this part!<<<Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, Magnus Bane the High Warlock of Brookland

ABSOLUTE PERFECTION<3 I want something like this.<<<although not when i am engaged to someone else

Will ♥ Tessa FEELS// so, I juat recently finished prince. Just letting yall know, im dead inside// <<oh hun, wait till the clockwork princess

Always coming up for each other, even he insulted himself

Funny but Will only swears in gaelic mostly. still gotta love the logic behind this: legit!

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At the beginning of reading this I was delighted. Now I'm suddenly sobbing in the bathroom. And you forget Magnus