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Naruto - Boruto Uzumaki x Sarada Uchiha - BoruSara


Poor Inojin hahaha if only you were a girl, maybe Shikadai will catch you haha.

sasusaku, boruto, sarada, himawari, naruto

sasusaku, boruto, sarada, himawari, naruto<< that poorchild

Haha Uzumaki VS Uchiha Family Morning ❤️❤️❤️

Haha Uzumaki VS Uchiha Family Morning ❤️❤️❤️ I die Hahahahahaha,

Naruto, Sarada, and Sasuke absolutely terrible hahaha it's obvious that Sakura gave birth to Sarada when Sasuke was away on a mission and so he's back from the mission but he has no idea that Sarada is his daughter and Naruto is just making the situation worse lol

Chill the fuck out Sasuke. It's your fucking daughter Sasuke.

yoko fujitani boda de sasuke y sakura - Buscar con Google

Uchiha Sarada and Uzumaki Boruto

Boruto & Sarada.. The best couple ❤  #borusara

The best couple ❤

ab7d31425a57f528109f77f8a84e5387.jpg (480×533)

ab7d31425a57f528109f77f8a84e5387.jpg (480×533)

TEAM KONOHAMARU: Goals by emorocklara

Me: Ok let’s make a BoruSara comic, rough lineart and simple coloring only so we can finish it fast and post it asap Me: Alright got it *Ends up m.

Los Nuevos Tiempos

Imagen insertada Más Lol temari getting annoyed at her son

INO-SHIKA-CHOOO  #3rdgeneration

Shikadai, Chouchou & Inojin Gen of Ino-Shika-Cho

Boruto x Sarada funny I love the new generation, especially Mitsuki, this as sasuke written allll over it

hahaha... Sarada Embrace like Sakura do when Sasuke Near Her...

This person draws boruto soooo cute!

BORUSARA: You Make My Heart Go Boom! by jacqthehermit

BORUSARA: You Make My Heart Go Boom! by jacqthehermit

The Hardest Job is... by MintAnnComics.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Well Sasuke has to protect the vilage, away from his daughter and wife. (And all that with just one arm) just saing.