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Tiger Lily Art Print by Tim Shumate

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DeviantArt: More Like native american indian chief by NeoGzus

Ilustración de Tim Shumate, me encanta su estilo.

Cartoon Tattoo Illustrations by Tim Shumate

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Princess Tiger Lily from Peter Pan. Based on the 2003 Peter Pan .

The Dream Catcher ensnares bad thoughts while you're sleeping. The Eagle carries your thoughts and prayers to Our Creator. An amazing and spiritual piece!

Amazingly detailed quadruple dream catcher, assuming art work made by a Native American. Red tail hawk feathers & and an eagle made out of beads.

TinkerBell Dream Catcher.

Peter Pan: Dreamcatcher by Tim Shumate / telegrafixs

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Sam Smith Tattoo Medusa will be a future tattoo.

Aruenã- Heroína da Natureza

Indian Mexican Skull - would love to have this blended better to have as a thigh tattoo

Alice in wonderland

Alice in wonderland

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What a beautiful tattoo idea!

Tim Shumate Illustrations

Tim Shumate Illustrations

Traditional tattoo inspired Pocahontas - it’s a T-shirt design, you can help me get it printed by voting here Thank you so much <3

This would make an awesome tattoo

"Tiger Lily" - - Best t-shirts in the world  My first print at Threadless, so so proud. \o/

Tiger Lily by illustrator Ludovic Jacqz Illustrations

Virus by Tim Shumate

American Indian Girl Design

My Indian Girl Tattoo Sketch By Xam- good idea for a new tattoo for moms

Lapiz genial hecho

Esmeralda Portrait BnW by MoonchildinTheSky on DeviantArt