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[OC] Last year, Reddit help me get my start as an illustrator. Here is collection of some of my favorite character art commissions from this year - Album on Imgur

A collection of some of my favorite character commissions from this year

Character Portraits : Photo

m Wizard hermit Magic Book Lantern forest hills spassundspiele: “ The Hermit – fantasy character concept by Hector Pohl ”

sennar2rj0.jpg 438×1,311 pixels

Corvo, the Dark Wizards' apprentice. He acts as the wizards liaison at most times, and in the final battle will be the force that stops them from stopping the revival of the Ancient Dragon.

The master of the crows < the crows have no master. They are wild, crooked, and loners. They don't take no for an answer from anyone. They only take orders from themselves. They will, however, do you a favor or two if you offer them enough cornchips or something.

Tanyon Longstride, champion of the Raven Queen. Similar to Kashaw in bearing.

Desert wanderer

I can see Lorcan wearing this if he is from a desert sort of place. covered up guy by *tobiee on deviantART:

Going off Dreams: the journey: A to Z Challenge - Day 19

Always loved this type of desert, nomad-like warrior. Portrayed as heroes or skilled assassins, their stories usually take one's heart in seconds leavin.