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Let me just say that this does sound cute- but coming from someone who WAS stuck in a REAL blizzard for over 9 hours. it would not be fun. Perhaps being "stuck at home during a blizzard with the one i love" would be cute.

Dance under the stars with my future husband before I die :)

Dancing under the stars with the person I love is totally on my Bucket List!

petite femme jolie: What's On Your Bucket List?

bucket list: spend a holiday somewhere exotic Husband and I are trying to do a Christmas or New Years in the next couple of years.

He's never been camping, so I guess that's why he's never been big on camping, but I really want to go camping with him one day :)

My boyfriend and I did this a couple nights ago at Lake Lanier in Cumming, Ga. I didn't care about going camping with anyone specific; I just wanted to go camping, as far as my Bucket List goes, but I'm glad my boyfriend was with me.

Bucket. List.!  PrettySweeeet<3

before I die bucket list bucket-list Have a candle-lit bath -- haha with a glass of wine.

Hmmm......i think this  would be sweet and romantic

CHECK - My first summer love lived at the beach and took me on a few dates in the sand dunes.

Win The Lottery

I can't have a vision board without money. May I make money doing what I love. loving what I do and having financial security for life is the dream.

I was told by a certified trainer just yesterday I'm there. Just not on a "by the books" definition

i will have a sexy body by the time my husband comes home from his deployment ! I will be working out at my Aunts base all the time . i have to in order to feel good bout myself .

Before I die - Stop caring about what anyone thinks - This is so hard to do sometimes.Good news is I've gotten better :)

this is just funny haha

Como Atraer A Un Hombre Al Que No Le Gusto

The Atlantic Ocean: done ✅! The Pacific Ocean: not yet! The Indian Ocean: not yet! The Arctic Ocean: not yet! The Southern Ocean: not yet!

no one ever does this with me so I end up doing it by myself. SO!,.... Never did this with a man but Have with friends...I want to be around people who enjoy life and stop and favor the moment...life is too damn short

Remembering…Reflections on the Last Day of My Son's Life