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Hardest part of the entire series!!!                              …

I do not own InuYasha or any of the characters created by Rumiko Takahashi The full moon shone brightly across the night landscape. InuYasha, his .

Except for Natsu dragneel! To those who get the reference

Except that animes tend to end after only one or two seasons sooooo :/// << Nope! (Inu X Boku SS, Red Data Girl and Yuri!

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Inuyasha and Kagome married and he is still wearing the Beads of Subjugation.

+SessKag+ Everyday Love 5 by YoukaiYume on DeviantArt

+SessKag+ Everyday Love 5 by YoukaiYume (I'm not a fan of SessKag but these are dang cute.

Inuyasha || anime funny

When you are waiting for your friend to wake up Inuyasha funny meme anime manga

Resultado de imagen para inuyasha los hermanos relampago

Resultado de imagen para inuyasha los hermanos relampago

Inuyasha funny // Sabés hace cuanto quiero pinear esto y no podía por vos? @solcitodec28  <3 HAAAAJAJAJ

Kagome just trying to ️he mode and sesshomaru's like "say it again and I'll kill you"

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"But you're dying to try you wanna kiss the girl"

Koga vs Inuyasha for Kagome's heart - Inuyasha I love Sesshomaru and Rin