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Dont Even Think About It...

Dont Even Think About It...

This elephant in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, is believed to have the longest tusks. Photographed by Pierre Lombard

7. ELEPHANTS    In India, many see the elephant as a positive omen. Some believe this stems from the elephant’s place as a status symbol in the country. Only the richest families owned elephants. Currently, the elephant is seen as a bringer of  fortune and wealth.

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African Elephant

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African elephants are the largest land animals, with large ears and huge tusks. Here is a brief overview about this animal, that is enlisted as endangered.


Musty during rut, the tusker named Dhanapalaka is uncontrollable. Held in captivity, the tusker does not touch a morsel, but only longingly calls to mind the elephant forest - Dhammapada Theravada Buddhism.