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elle : grungey girl totally dead insidewho loves cats nore than humans

The room of a healing witch

"He’d been thanking Caoimhe for taking the couch ever since they moved in to the small apartment, because he’d never be able to stand the pungent, herby smells that emanated from her ingredients in their jars on the bookcase in the front room.

these words upon these pages I read, make them Stand up, step out and come alive. make what fictional real

Fine art photographer Alex Stoddard creates gripping surreal images that look like they've come right out of a ghostly fairytale or nightmare – and he's only 19


Pyrokinesis is defined as the ability of mind to move, create and destroy fire. The word pyrokinesis first coined by the author Stephen King in his novel.

Who has electrical powers? Does anyone?

Who has electrical powers? Does anyone?

Holding fire in hand.

The warmth spread and a flame ignited in my palm. I held it in front of me and peered into the shadows

And so the angel fell in love with the false divinity that was the vampire, berserker hybrid.....

I'd be hiding them convos too ya fucking nasty haha but I'm the one doing shit dead afff