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Team Folelé - Juventud El Paso. - YouTube

Team Folelé - Juventud El Paso. - YouTube

Valentine “You Are Really SHARP!” and Free Printable

Valentine "You Are Really SHARP!" & Free Printable

You Make My Heart "Soar" Airplane Valentines *Free Printable. Attach this free printable, to foam airplanes and your kids will have a fun Valentine.

Hahaha! When I was little I thought my mom was a vampire because she worked at night testing blood samples. She also gets a rash when she's in the sun too long. (Come to think of it, this may still be true.)

When I Was Little I Saw People Making Out On TV...


10 Fresh Memes Today!#6 Chessy Pizza Box Jokes, You Win This Time!

The Real Snicker Apple Salad...our #1 salad we make in our family for EVERY holiday.

Snicker Apple Salad

The Real Snicker Apple Salad. w/raspberry yogurt instead of pudding mix. This is the best salad, I double and even triple the batch and its never enough for my family . They LOVE it

I would SO bite him in the best possible way here!  John Wayne was hot on SO MANY LEVELS!!!!

20 Interesting Things About Heidi Klum

It took Raoul Walsh giving young Duke Wayne the lead in The Big Trail for it to occur to John Ford - Hey, this kid of mine can act!

Here is a game I always wanted and didn't get. Then, I bought it for my kid and he didn't like it. Ha!

Operation Board Game - I loved this game when I was a kid! The game is different now. The compartments are larger and the game is not very challenging for kids.