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"Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets"(書を捨てよ町へ出よう Sho o suteyo machi e deyou) 1971

Twilight Zone Watched this every week for years.  Sometimes scared silly.

Classic CBS Shows: The Twilight Zone Image credit: Mattson Creative

Wes Anderson Amex spot. My story, my card.

10 Great TV Spots Directed by Wes Anderson

CAST & CREW Jason Schwartzman Giada Colagrande Written and directed by Wes Anderson Cinematography: Darius Khondji Editing: Stephen Perkins Production Desi.


500 days of summer. "I actually don't feel comfortable being anyone's anything you know? Relationships are messy and people's feelings get hurt.

[MARRIED] James Stewart, marrying former model Gloria Hatrick McLean (1918 - 1994) on August 9, 1949

[MARRIED] James Stewart, marrying former model Gloria Hatrick McLean - on August 1949 - best Hollywood couple ever!

This one is from Soultaker and yes that is Joe Estevez, that's right the uncle of Charlie Sheen. Couldn't get any worst, huh?

Mystery Science Theater 3000 did it better than anyone. Watch four great episodes here.

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Anamorphosis and Isolate — ― Kill Your Darlings “She tasted like.